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Campus Activities

We provide the best platform to our little learners to grow with us. Many competitions are created to increase the learning experience for our pupils and the names of the competition are Qiraat Competition, Quiz Competition, Spelling Bee, Rainbow Day, Clay Competition, Creative Writing Competition, Coloring Competition, Multi-Cultural Day, Sports Day, Saudi National Day, Defense Day, Graduation Ceremony, Debates Competition, Farewell Party, Rhyme Competition, Library Day these all activities is included in our campus activities. We give the facility to our kids to increase their learning activities by participating in these type of competitions.

Quiz Competition:

Quiz competition is the most popular competition among the children. They play it in a sensible manner and also with the presence of mind to win the prizes. The winning team is presented with trophies and certificates from the management of Dhuha International School.

Qiraat Competition:

Qiraat is the most valuable competition for Muslim kids.

Spelling Bee:

The main purpose of this competition is to increase the vocabulary and mind growth. These students have the most outstanding academic record.

Pajama Day:

The children dress up in pajamas. There are various games throughout the day. The teachers read stories for their students, and also teach basic and Islamic sleeping etiquettes.

Creative Writing Competition:

Writing is also an important factor from the educational point of view.

Multi-Cultural Day:

This event is full of enjoyment. The kids represent different countries and cultures through their clothes and cuisine.

Sports Day:

The students have a variety of competitive and interesting games.

Graduation Ceremony:

On this day, the Management of Dhuha International School presents graduation diplomas for the Kindergarten students.

Debates Competition:

Students are given interesting topics and they deliver their speeches for or against the given topics.

Farewell Party:

Farewell Party is celebrated by Grade 3 boys and Grade 6 girls. The celebration is a way of wishing them all the best for their future.

Library Day:

On Library Day, the students are provided with different genres of books to read and gain knowledge and wisdom.